Documentary 72 min. colour Ultra- HD/4 K -a film by Rosemarie Blank
Trailer: 2.55 Min.

Rosemarie Blank casafilm7@gmail.com / www.rosemarieblank.nl/

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, twenty-year-old Kateryna from Kyiv is admitted to the Art Academy in Ghent. The initial feeling that she has found a safe place is soon overshadowed by a longing for her family and friends she has left behind. A few weeks after Kateryna settled in Ghent, she returned to Lviv, where her parents moved in with Kateryna's grandmother after a traumatic escape from Kyiv. In Kyiv, Kateryna visits Irpin, where the traces of the Russian occupation are still visible. But six months after the Russian occupation, life goes on as usual, as if the burned-out flats and sirens are part of daily life. The war is omnipresent, but the encounters with Katheryna's friends show joyful moments too: Olya lures birds with nuts, Alla sings in the famous Shederyk Choir. We can hear her voice throughout the film. Arthur shows a video of his childhood friend Seva, a soldier who returned from Mariupol with only one leg. Before returning to the West, Kateryna says goodbye to her grandmother. To say goodbye might always be the last time. This travelling back and forth says something about her feeling that she no longer knows where she belongs.